“Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth – for your love is more delightful than wine…”  
(Solomon’s Song of Songs)

OK, so, you thought that would say chocolate.  It is funny how we associate some foods with passion… wine, chocolate, strawberries and champagne.  Sex is a workout in all areas of the body.  Work requires fuel and what we fuel our bodies with has a direct impact on sexual drive.  We associate food and sex as both pleasurable, but how often do we consider that what we eat affects our sexual performance?  While a perfect evening could begin with a succulent steak aside a billowing baked potato, swished away with a few glasses of wine before a mound of chocolate ecstasy for dessert, it could all end with nothing but the lights out.  Food affects every aspect of our lives – mentally, spiritually emotionally and physically.  The synergistic flow of all of these systems sets the mood for sexual relations, and the stage for sexual health.

Throughout life, the appetite for sex will rise and plummet, like the stock market – peaks and bounds.  The nutritional and chemical component of foods has a direct impact on our sexual health.  Women often suffer from extremes in hormonal fluctuations.  Men equally can experience dips and dives in hormones, making him migrate to the TV rather than the bedroom.  Sigh.  

Hormones – Not Just A Female Thing

Increased estrogen in men can lead to andropause – which actually sounds boring even before we realize that it represents a condition in men when testosterone has declined.  Its’ this decline that ultimately leads to the “pause” of andropause, or as I like to call it “Men on Pause” - strikingly close to menopause… only, in him!  Next time your lover’s not in the mood, blame it on his hormones.

Men have to feed the machine. However, a 12 oz. porterhouse washed down with half a dozen cold ones will not really achieve an amorous night. Fresh, unprocessed, natural foods promote a healthy sexuality.  Men benefit from lean meats, whole grains and plant-based proteins, as well as foods high in zinc, selenium and lycopene.  Keeping a moderate exercise program that includes weight-bearing exercise also helps men retain testosterone – the essential sex hormone for men, and reduce harmfully high estrogen.  A good quality multivitamin and mineral supplement should accompany a well-balanced diet to enhance his performance.

Sex or Chocolate?

Women, on the other hand require a little more effort to balance the delicate nature of their hormonal system.  Women will go through phases of sexual appetite more remarkable than that of men. Childbirth, motherhood, work obligations, and homemaking can interfere and interrupt a woman’s sexual desire.  Then, you can add in the hormones and the seemingly impossible ability to relax.  Hormones are chemical messengers, continually signaling our bodies to perform and regulate certain functions of our daily lives.  If hormones are out of balance, so are we.  Surges and dives in estrogens, progesterone and a handful of other hormones can often leave a poor girl opting for the chocolate instead of the sex.  A diet rich in fresh green and brightly colored vegetables and fruits, modest amounts of meat, dairy, nuts and seeds and whole grains will bring a remarkable balance to a woman’s hormones and revive a dwindled libido.  Adding a regular form of exercise will also increase metabolism and act as a natural aphrodisiac for women.  

Quality is more often better than quantity.  Maximize your relationship potential by fueling your body with natural foods that will support healthy sexuality and reproductive health.  Bon appetite!

Erin Bell

4/6/2010 05:24:46 am

Too true, this article is floating around my office today and we agree with these ideas whole-heartedly.
Now we have new motivators to convince our men to eat thier vegetables and whole grains...Mmmm Sex!

8/5/2012 06:44:36 pm

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