If there were one nutrition book I would recommend every family have in their household it would have to be Nutrition for Life. Originally published in 2005, the book has since been updated and re-released in 2007, and is still relevant today. This book covers nutritional needs from infancy to old age and everything in between, which makes it the perfect at-home reference for families.

The problem I have with most nutrition books is that they are either:
  • too simple, 
  • too complex
  • too specific 
  • full of junk information. 
The authors of Nutrition for Life have found the perfect blend of readability and useful information. One of the best things about this book is the wide range of topics it covers. This book is your one-stop-shop for everything you need or want to know about your family’s nutrition, and could replace all other nutrition books in your library. Even as a dietitian, I find myself referring to it often.

The authors cover everything including the basics of a healthy lifestyle, what different nutrients are and why we need them, and how to use food as preventative and therapeutic medicine for a number of conditions. They also provide extensive information on popular topics such as supplements, how diet can affect disease, food preparation and cooking, controlling your weight, and nutritional needs at every stage of the lifespan. 

One of the best features of the book is the “Diet Directory” section which unbiasedly assesses popular diets and answers important questions such as “is the diet easy to maintain?”, “is eating out possible?”, and “is the plan family-friendly?”. Nutrition for Life also includes a nutrient reference guide complete with the Calorie, fat, carbohydrate, protein and fibre content for many foods.

Last but not least, you can trust the sources. Nutrition for Life is written by Lisa Hark, a dietitian with her Ph.D. who has appeared on NBC’s Today Show, CNN and a ton of other networks. Darwin Deen is a medical doctor who has been studying nutrition for over 30 years.

This book covers so much information that you’re not likely to read it cover to cover (although you could), but rather refer to it whenever a nutrition question pops into your head. Sure, you could get all your nutritional information from the internet but sometimes it’s nice to have all your answers in one place, from a source you know and trust. If you frequently find yourself searching for answers to your nutrition questions online, you may save time and money with this book.

You can purchase it at:
  1. AbesBooks.com
  2. Amazon.com