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If you are looking for a super book about superfoods, this one definitely hits the mark. Author Lucy Burney begins her book by explaining to parents how their children’s immune systems work and how things such as allergies, autoimmune disorders and vaccinations affect this delicate balance.

Instead of just telling you what is going on, though, Burney goes several steps further by detailing which specific foods are great for building your children’s developing immune systems and providing age-appropriate recipes for children aged 0-18. (Note: The recipes are just as yummy for Mom and Dad!)

From kale to blackcurrant to millet, Burney teaches parents about the value of individual foods within each food group and — thankfully — shares with parents how they can utilize these ingredients by making meals that their kids will actually eat!

After giving Moms and Dads the ultimate primer in how to make sure their children’s immune systems are in fighting shape, Burney takes a look at seventeen health problems that can make your children sick and identifies foods to help combat them. Again, she holds your hand every step of the way, providing delicious recipes to make getting the foods actually into your child a little bit easier.

Chicken pox, for example, call for blackberry smoothies and chicken noodle soup (Trust me, this isn’t Campbell’s!), while sore throats are kept at bay with blackcurrant and strawberry ice pops and garlic and honey syrup.

All-in-all, Burney takes some of the guesswork out of parenting by telling you what to do and how to do it. It definitely shows that she’s a mother of three herself!